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Latest News – May 25th 2017

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Gv247.tv will feature a new short film every week. Meanwhile, with 22 channels from Archaeology to Spiritual Deception, Apologetics to The Parables and over 600 short and long format films and radio programmes with answers and advice from a Biblical Perspective, you will be encouraged, edified and entertained.

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Coming 26th May - New Programmes!

Coming on the 26th May are our all new weekly TV programmes. Go to the TV Programmes Channel for the latest update.

We are pleased to announce the radio section of this channel which will give visitors the option of listening to over 600 interviews with scholars, academics and researchers as well as live radio programmes covering a wide range of exciting Biblical topics every week.

We are launching the first of our TV programmes - Pastor's Perspective, with South African pastor, David Nathan.

It’s been a gargantuan task but we have finally completed over 200 New Films! Both long and short form interviews with leading academics and scholars covering a whole range of Biblical subjects. Enjoy!

Check out our latest 12 part series The LampLight Project, a fabulous multimedia presentation of The Bible covering 'Origins' to 'The Return of Christ'. It's jam packed with film, graphics, illustrations, exciting interviews with leading academics and scholars and a free downloadable interactive study guide. In the words of one pastor – "All this information in one place… it’s a dream."

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GV247.tv Overview:

We live in an age of accelerating technology & knowledge, yet... mankind continues to cheat, rob, kill and destroy his fellow man. In a world of social media information overload, making informed decisions about what we believe and act upon has never been more important.

There are those who claim that the 66 books and letters of the Judeo-Christian Bible hold answers to the meaning of life and the uncertainties that face individuals every day. GV247.TV has interviewed a selection of compelling speakers on biblical subject matter with the aim to provide a free resource. Choose from a wide selection of short form films which explore many of the most common questions asked today.

Can I contact GV247?

Please join the GV247.tv Facebook site where our moderator will endeavour to answer genuine questions or point to relevant films. Technical enquiries to GV247 directly is received at info @ gv247.tv (minus spaces of course).

Legal Statement:

GV247.TV is non-profit making and does not support or promote any religious organisation or group.

The views expressed by speakers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Global Vision Channel. While the Channel believes in freedom of speech, it will not support the use of slanderous statements, unsupported accusation and or defamatory remarks aimed at people of other religious faiths and beliefs.

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Speakers on GV247.TV:

Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Dr Fruchtenbaum is an author, lecturer and director of “Ariel Ministries”, Arnold is a highly respected theologian who travels widely, teaching biblical exposition from a Jewish perspective.
Doug Harris
Founder of 'Reachout Trust', author of several books and a respected researcher of over 25 years. Doug passed away in 2013 and these short films are a tribute to a sincere man.
Carol Matrisciana
Co-founder of 'Jeremiah Films' - Indian born Caryl brings a wealth of experience on far eastern religious practice and the influences it has had on Christendom. Caryl passed away 2016.
Roger Oakland
Author, lecturer and founder of 'Understand The Times International'. Roger has appeared on a variety of documentaries and has lectured around the world for over 25 years on the subject of origins.
Jacob Prasch
New York born author, biblical expositor and founder of 'Moriel Ministries'. Jacob is a compelling speaker on biblical topics as seen on the popular international tv documentary The Daniel Project.
Prof Andy McIntosh
Prof. Andy McIntosh is a visiting research professor in Thermodynamics and Combustion Theory. He is a Fellow of the IMA, the Institute of Energy, the Institute of Physics and the RASA chartered mathematician and engineer, and author of over 180 papers and articles.
Prof Danny Faulkner (Emeritus)
Prof. Faulkner is a member of the Creation Research Society and also serves as the editor of the Creation Research Society Quarterly. He has written more than a 100 papers in various astronomy and astrophysics journals, and is author of Universe by Design and ‘The New Astronomy Book’.
Deborah Menelaws
As Managing Director of Bethel Communications with a ‘new age’ background, Deborah specialises in uncovering deception and apostasy entering the church through occult practices - whilst also teaching Biblical discipleship to women around the world.
Dr Nagi Iskander
Dr. Iskander is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Nagy has presently been devoting his time to the education of Biblical creation & Science, he has presented TV programs – Creation Answers and Creation under the Microscope and the Beginnings.
Dr Paul Lawrence
Dr. Paul Lawrence studied Akkadian, Hebrew and Near Eastern archaeology at the University of Liverpool. He is currently working on Bible translations for SIL International and is the author of The Books of Moses Revisited and The Lions Guide to Bible History.
Dr Peter Williams
Dr Peter Williams is a Research Fellow in the Old Testament at Tyndale House, Cambridge. Formally an affiliated Lecturer in Hebrew and Aramaic, at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Cambridge. Current projects are the early translations of the Bible and Codex Climaci Rescriptus.
Prof. Siam Bhayro
Siam Bhayro is Assoc. Professor in Early Jewish Studies at Dept of Theology & Religion, Univ of Exeter. Graduating from University College London with a first-class degree (Hons) in Hebrew, he later gained a PhD from there. Before assuming his position in Exeter, he worked as a researcher at Cambridge and Sheffield and taught at UCL and Yale.
Steve Ham
Steve Ham serves as Senior Director of Outreach for Answers in Genesis. Author of many books such as In God We Trust, Why Biblical Authority Matters for Every Believer and Answers for Life. Steve’s heart for the gospel is a prominent feature in his presentations of Creation apologetics.
Professor Stephen Taylor
Prof. Stephen Taylor specialist interests are in nanotechnology, electromagnetics and mass spectrometry. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and also of the IEE, and has published over 280 papers in the open scientific literature.
David Nathan
Originally from an orthodox Jewish family, David Nathan entered full time ministry in 1992. Ministering in a typical Hebraic style, David is involved in many diverse ministries from evangelism to pastoral work, Messianic ministry, teaching and writing to church planting.
Chris Lawson
Chris Lawson has been actively involved in Christian ministry and church. Chris Lawson is a researcher/lecturer and is both an experienced missionary and an ordained pastor. As such, he has spent much time as a researcher, writer and counselor, helping people escape the clutches of spiritual deception.
Professor Stuart Burgess
Having completed his PhD in machine design, Professor Stuart Burgess worked for the European Space Agency working on the ENVISAT (world's largest civilian earth observation satellite), the solar array deployment mechanism and invented a new type of gearbox (double action worm). He is currently at Bristol University working in the area of design optimisation of mechanical and biomechanical systems.
Dr. Andrew Snelling
Director of Research for Answers in Genesis, Dr. Andrew Snelling worked for several years in the mining industry throughout Australia undertaking mineral exploration surveys and field research. He has also been a consultant research geologist for more than a decade to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Dr Georgia Purdom
Receiving her PhD in molecular genetics from Ohio State University, Dr. Georgia Purdom is a teacher, speaker author and researcher. Professional accomplishments include gaining a variety of honor awards and research presentations. Also, for six years Dr Purdom taught at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University as Assoc Professor of Biology.
Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson
With a PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology from Harvard University, Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson is a research biologist with AiG and formerly with the Institute for Creation Research. He is also a speaker at the Creation Museum and a contributor to the exhibit content for the Ark Encounter located in Kentucky.
Dr. Dr. David Menten
Former professor at Washington University School of Medicine (USA), Dr. David Menton is a biologist, anatomist, speaker, author, researcher and lectures throughout the US and Canada. He also worked as Biomedical Research Technician in the Department of Dermatology at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.
Dr. Tommy Mitchell
Gaining his MD at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (USA), Dr. Tommy Mitchell has expertise in medicine, science and is an author of numerous books on subjects as human anatomy, death, life & suffering, stem cells and cloning, evolution and a series specifically for teens.
Stewart Menelaws
MD of Studio Scotland film Production Company. Stewart has been researching Biblical topics since the 1980’s. TV and Cinema productions include The Daniel Project and The Daniel Connection. The Lamplight Project is the latest production.