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What is GV247.TV?
Questions on the cosmos
What is big bang theory? D Faulkner 5:25
Quasars and black holes D Faulkner 2:21
Red shift D Faulkner 1:28
Backwards planets D Faulkner 1:55
Features of earth D Faulkner 5:49
Theory of relativity D Faulkner 1:15
Times and seasons D Faulkner 3:24
Astronomer and Christian D Faulkner 2:25
Signs in the heavens?
Star of Bethlehem D Faulkner 1:47
End of the world D Faulkner 5:11
ETs and UFOs D Faulkner 2:26


What is Astronomy?

Astronomy is the study of physical celestial objects such as planets and their moons, stars, galaxies, etc. looks at the physics of these objects as evidence of God's creation.

Humans have always gazed out into the heavens and wondered how it all came to be; if there was some supreme intelligence behind its creation and whether there was life beyond Earth. From the big bang theory to quasars and black holes, GV247 attempts to shed light on these questions and many more.

Latest Additions to the Astronomy Channel

Astronomy is a recent addition to GV247 through the expertise of American astronomer and astrophysicist Professor Danny Faulkner. Having written more than 100 science journal papers, Prof Faulkner is providing GV247 viewers his insight into the workings of the engineered cosmos.

"What was the Star of Bethlehem?" and "Is there any evidence for a young earth or intelligently designed universe?" are just a few of the questions explored on this channel.