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Midrash D Bock 2:24
Who is Satan? D Bock 1:11

Is the Bible validated?
What is the Bible? S Bhayro 7:21
Bible Translations A Fruchtenbaum 7:30
Translation of texts P Williams 2:29
The four gospels P Lawrence 2:32
Is Jesus Christ valid? P Williams 1:18
What is apologetics? P Williams 1:28
Bible interpretation
Exegesis and Eisegesis P Williams 1:04
Hermeneutics P Williams 2:28
How to read the Bible S Bhayro 3:06
Following God's Word P Williams 1:48
Covenants S Bhayro 4:44
Replacement Theology A Fruchtenbaum 6:08
Dispensationalism S Bhayro 2:28
Dispensationalism D Bock 1:35
Preterism D Bock :53
False teaching P Williams 1:47
Questions regarding Genesis
Creation accounts S Bhayro 1:31
Genesis 6:1-4 D Bock 1:08
The Book of Genesis S Taylor 5:06
Tower of Babel B Hodge 15:46
Flood accounts P Lawrence 7:19
Questions regarding God
The names of God A Fruchtenbaum 6:54
Who is God? S Bhayro 1:46
The Trinity A Fruchtenbaum 11:52
The Trinity S Bhayro 3:21
Who is God? P Williams 1:39
The Tabernacle P Lawrence 1:49
The Torah - Pentateuch P Lawrence 11:43
Questions regarding Christianity
What is a Christian? P Williams 1:02
Repentance and Obedience P Williams 1:16
Biblical separation C Lawson 9:00
What is prayer? A Fruchtenbaum 6:45
Law and Grace A Fruchtenbaum 7:45
What is the church? P Williams 2:18
The Church is one body P Williams 1:24
Tithing A Fruchtenbaum 8:14
Women in the church P Williams 4:42
Traditions: Christmas + Easter A Fruchtenbaum 7:47
Peter - The rock? P Williams 2:09
Questions on Jesus Christ
Who is Jesus? S Bhayro 2:27
Who is Jesus Christ? P Williams 2:00
Why did Christ have to die? A Fruchtenbaum 8:01
Was Jesus just a man? P Williams 2:02
The Resurrection P Williams 1:30
The Magi D Faulkner 1:36
Early Christianity
Acts of the apostles P Lawrence 2:53
Early Christian problems P Williams 1:03
Early church writers P Williams 1:38
Spiritual Beings
What are Angels? S Bhayro 2:37
What or who is Satan? S Bhayro 9:58
Satan P Williams 1:10
The Angel of the Lord P Williams 0:52
Giants P Williams 2:05
Demons P Williams 1:24
Nephilim P Williams 2:03
Prophecy today P Williams 2:38
Prophecy P Williams 4:08
The Lord's coming P Williams 3:58
God's Plan For The Jews A Fruchtenbaum 6:41
Jews grafted back in P Williams 1:06
The Millennium S Bhayro 2:19
Revelation P Williams 5:55
The Book of Revelation P Williams 1:20
Laodicea P Lawrence 2:00
Historical topics
Palestine: Where it came from A Fruchtenbaum 5:28
The Philistines P Lawrence 2:57
Other writings
Apocrypha P Williams 1:45
The Book of Enoch D Bock 1:44
The Gospel of Thomas P Williams 1:56


What is The Bible?

Arguably the most important work of literature to humanity, the longevity of the Judaeo-Christian Bible attests to its divine origin, historical and prophetic accuracy, relevance and message of salvation for all generations regardless of race, sex, culture, wealth or depravity.

From Genesis in the Old Testament to Revelation in the New, the Bible is examined and explained with purposeful encouragement for the viewer to explore and study this remarkable book for themselves.

With the longest playlist, The Bible Channel covers such topics as "Who or what is God, Jesus, Lucifer, the trinity?" "How should we read The Bible and can we trust what is says?" "Why did Christ have to die?" "What is the gospel, a Christian, a disciple?" "Can one communicate with God?"

Latest Additions to The Bible Channel is very pleased to welcome Dr Darrell Bock to the speaker's team. Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary (USA), Dr Bock brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Bible Channel.

You will also find Dr Bock speaking on other Global Vision channels such as The End Times, Apologetics and Spiritual Deception.

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