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What is The Daniel CONNECTION?

The Daniel CONNECTION is a feature length chilling apocalyptic fictional film thriller based on the Bible Prophecy evidence uncovered in The Daniel Project documentary. In a bid to keep people safe, politicians sanction the formation of a new EU counter terrorism unit called the Federal Protection Force (FPF).

As the root cause of increased terrorism is deemed to be religion, the heads of major faiths come together and agree that ALL paths can lead to God, and await a leader to lead the world under the simple global banner of 'love good and love your neighbour'.

The film begins with the presenter, self-confessed atheist and voice-over artist Jeremy Hitchen, accepting the challenge to investigate the plausibility of ancient prophecies.

"Stunning inescapable logic… this film should be on everyone's shelf."

With a cast including Caroline Goodall (Schindler's List, The Princess Diaries, Cliffhanger), Gray O'Brien (The Queen, Titanic: Blood and Steel), The Daniel CONNECTION mixes fictional characters with current real and plausible future events leading to paranoia from the increase in terrorism and a populace in rebellion as draconian control systems are put in place by an ever more unified one world government.