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What is deception?
What is a cult? D Harris 2:52
Replacement Theology D Harris 6:08
Biblical Warnings
Warning 1 D Menelaws 3:08
False Teachings 2 D Menelaws 6:10
Spiritual deception 4 D Menelaws 3:52
Do not be deceived 5 D Menelaws 3:59
Christian bookstores C Lawson 7:41
Replacement Theology A Fruchtenbaum 2:29
Biblical foundation
What is truth? D Harris 3:00
Who can I trust? R Oakland 2:11
Spiritual practices
TV Preachers J Alnor 5:59
Signs and wonders 1 R Oakland 1:54
Signs and wonders 2 R Oakland 1:56
Queen of heaven? R Oakland 2:24
What is Yoga? C Matrisciana 3:13
The physical aspects of Yoga C Matrisciana 2:15
Can a Christian do yoga? C Matrisciana 1:57
Yoga and Christianity D Harris 3:31
What is Reincarnation? C Matrisciana 3:17
Reincarnation D Harris 3:27
The New Age Beliefs D Harris 3:11
What about Martial Arts? C Matrisciana 2:36
Alternative Therapies: CM 1 C Matrisciana 3:26
Alternative Therapies: CM 2 C Matrisciana 3:53
What is the occult? 2 D Harris 2:59


What is Spiritual Deception?

Spiritual Deception is a study into Judaeo-Christian apostasy and the many forms it takes. Much of the New Testament is made up of the words of Christ and letters from his apostles to the newly formed body of Christ (The Church) containing admonishment, warnings and encouragement to follow Jesus' example while guarding oneself against Satan, his fallen angels and false teachers, prophets and christs (Matt. 7:15, 24:23-27, Acts 20:28-30).

Today, there are just as many, if not more, challenges for the Christian to grow, mature and avoid falling into the many traps of liberal modern society, fake teachers, false leaders and dangerously deceptive beliefs. The Bible states that knowledge and spiritual deception will increase in the run-up to the 'time of the end'. (Daniel 12, Matthew 24).

Latest Additions to the Spiritual Deception Channel

With a 'new age' background, Managing Director of Bethel Communications, Deborah Menelaws joins the speaker list with five new titles including "False Teachings", "Altered state of consciousness" and "Warnings to the Church".