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About Dinosaurs
What is a dinosaur? J Hubbard 1:29
Passion for Dinosaurs J Hubbard 2:14
A heap of dinosaurs J Hubbard 9:16
Dinosaur Poop J Hubbard 1:57
Rapid death and burial J Hubbard 3:55
Dinosaurs on the ark J Hubbard 6:18
How J Hubbard 4:
What is a fossil? J Mackay 4:53
What is a fossil? 2 J Hubbard 1:33
Examples of a fossils J Hubbard 4:00
Giant human bones J Hubbard 2:46
Creation v Evolution
Satan as the dragon J Hubbard 2:13


What are Dinosaurs?

Meaning fearful or terrible lizard, dinosaur fossils remains have been identified since the 18th century but the dating of just when dinosaurs walked (or swam) the earth is hotly debated.

Another controversial point is the claim by evolutionists that dinosaurs evolved from one kind to another such as land dwelling species developing feathers then eventually evolving into modern birds over millions of years.

This, of course, impacts on evolutionary theory, giving their need for millions of years of evolutionary development which leads back to the debate over just how long ago they existed. In this series of movies, paleontologists (those that study the history of life) unravel some of the mystery and misinformation surrounding these ancient beasts.

Latest Additions to the Dinosaurs Channel

GlobalVision247 welcomes both Australian palaeobiologists John Mackay (Geologist, Dir of Creation Research, Teacher) and Joseph Hubbard.

As this is a new channel, all films on this page are latest additions.