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What is GV247.TV?
Life & Death
When does life begin? G Purdom 1:43
Is there a good death? T Mitchell 1:02
What about suicide? T Mitchell 2:00
Euthanasia T Mitchell 3:13
Doctors and abortion T Mitchell 2:17
Ethical abortions D Menton 5:26
Hope for young people T Mitchell 3:02
Medical Ethics
Stem cells and cloning T Mitchell 3:16
Gender identity T Mitchell 3:32
Homosexuality D Menton 6:03


What is Ethics?

Ethics is a formulation of principles, attitudes and even philosophical positions on a variety of, sometimes controversial, matters that affect ones behaviour toward themselves, other people and their environment which includes other lifeforms.

"Is it ever right to kill another human being?" "Should scientists be permitted to clone animals or alter their DNA?" are just two of the many questions put forward and investigated by GV247 guest speakers on this channel. With the help of medical and scientific expert advice in the light of God's Word, it is possible to answer many of the ethical questions asked by people the world over.

Latest Additions to the Ethics Channel

Ethics is a new channel which has new movies and a few appropriate titles taken from other channels. is pleased to have new presenter Dr Tommy Mitchell. Dr Mitchell has expertise in medicine, science and is an author of numerous books on subjects as human anatomy, death, life & suffering, stem cells and cloning, evolution and a series specifically for teens.