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7 Festivals: Overview A Fruchtenbaum 5:03
Passover A Fruchtenbaum 9:54
Unleavened Bread A Fruchtenbaum 2:27
Feast of First Fruits A Fruchtenbaum 2:49
Feast of Weeks A Fruchtenbaum 5:39
Feast of Trumpets A Fruchtenbaum 3:08
Day of Atonement A Fruchtenbaum 5:27
Feast of Tabernacles A Fruchtenbaum 1:56
Feast of Purim A Fruchtenbaum 5:36
Hanukkah A Fruchtenbaum 2:38


What are the Jewish Feasts?

This topic looks at the beginnings of traditional Jewish holy days and their connections to God's covenants and historical events recorded in the Old Testament and the Tanakh.

Festivals included in this series are Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Weeks, Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles, Purim and Hanukkah.

Leviticus 23 records a list of festivals the Jewish people are to commemorate. From the 'Passover'of the angel of death during the Hebrew captivity in Egypt to the Feast of Tabernacles (known as Sukkot) when they had to live in temporary shelters during the forty year wilderness exile, the Jews were told by God to remember what The Lord had done and what He will do in the future end time.

Latest Additions to the Jewish Feasts Channel

Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum is a highly respected theologian whose expertise in Old Testament exposition is a welcomed addition to GV247.