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Are viruses alive? D Eager 1:06
Body organs D Eager 4:56
Cell Replication D Eager 1:25
Gender D Eager 2:53
Helicobacter pylori D Eager 3:07
Life and death D Eager 2:52
Life D Eager 3:50
Photosynthesis D Eager 2:19
Plants D Eager 3:55
RNA D Eager 2:00
Sexual reproduction D Eager 3:07
The immune system D Eager 2:05
What is DNA?
What is DNA? G Purdom 1:37
What is DNA? 2 N Jeanson 2:20
How does DNA work? N Jeanson 4:38
What about RNA? N Jeanson 3:03
Did DNA start as RNA? G Purdom 1:47
What is ATP synthase? G Purdom 1:07
Overview of a cell G Purdom 2:09
Overview of a cell 2 N Jeanson 6:14
When does life begin? G Purdom 1:43
The complexity of humans
Placenta D Menton 9:25
The skeleton D Menton 10:28
Hair D Menton 6:35
Genetic arguments against evolution
Darwin and genetics G Purdom 1:57
Endosymbiosis theory G Purdom 2:11
Similarities to apes D Menton 4:08
Are we bananas? G Purdom 1:35
Are we just stardust? G Purdom 1:46
Origin of species N Jeanson 12:12
What is eugenics? G Purdom 2:48
What is epigenetics? G Purdom 1:50
Biblical faith and evolution
Similarities to apes D Menton 4:08
Made in God's image G Purdom 2:17
BioLogos teaching G Purdom 1:12
Theistic evolution G Purdom 2:50
Ethical considerations
Is there any hope? G Purdom 1:13
Geneticist introductions


What is Genetics?

Genetics is the study of the component elements of living organisms (DNA, chromosomes, genes), from one-celled plants to human beings, that deal particularly with processes of heredity. That is, what a plant or animal passes on to its offspring.

On Global Vision, genetics is focused on those elements and processes that allow for variety within a species (the biblical term used is 'kind') and barriers to a crossing over into another. Experts on this channel also look at complexity of genetic function in context of the raging intelligent design v evolution debate.

Latest Additions to the Genetics Channel

GV247 is pleased to welcome Dr Diane Eager to this channel.

Dr Eager has a background in medicine and was a lecturer in biomedical sciences at University of Canberra, Australia. Now working for Creation Research, she writes and does background research for publications and DVDs.

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