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What is a fossil? J MacKay 4:54
Evidence for creation P Garner 1:26
From fish to terapod P Garner 4:59
Advice for students P Garner 3:33
Carbon 14 P Garner 3:00
How do we age rocks? P Garner 3:43
Petrification P Garner 2:58
What is a fossil? P Garner 1:38
What is an ammonite? P Garner 1:37
When was the Ice Age? P Garner 3:30
What is a fossil? 2 J Hubbard 1:33
Giant human bones J Hubbard 2:46
What is Geology?
What is geology? A Snelling 1:22
How is coal formed? A Snelling 7:11
What about fossils?
Evolutionary bias in geology?


What is Geology?

Generally speaking, geology is the study of the materials and processes that make up the physical Earth (or until we begin to send scientists to other planets, moons, etc.). Additionally, it is also concerned with the interaction of life with the environment and how it affects and has affected geological structure and processes of its habitat.

On GV247, speakers and viewers will be most concerned with rock and strata (layering) formation as a method of dating the age of the Earth as well as, interpreting and dating radioactive material half-lives and fossil records which impact on the creation v evolution debate.

Latest Additions to the Geology Channel

GV247 is pleased to welcome geologist Paul Garner and student palaeontologist Joseph Hubbard.

Paul has a degree in Environmental Sciences (Emphasis on Geology and Biology) and is a fellow of the Geological Society of London and member of the Geological Society of America.

Joseph is a master's student studying geology and palaeontology. He also assists geologist John Mackay with geological field research and leads field trips for Creation Research.

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