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What is GV247.TV?
What is science?
What is science? N Iskander 2:20
What is science? S Taylor 1:19
Advice for the student A McIntosh 2:39
Where is science headed? A McIntosh 6:26
Science and Faith?
Design and complexity?
Inetlligent design 2 A McIntosh 4:36
Cell complexity N Iskander 2:57
DNA code N Iskander 1:47
Theory of relativity D Faulkner 1:15
Bio inspired design S Burgess 1:54
Machines in nature DNA A McIntosh 10:44
Design S Burgess 1:36
Natural engineering S Burgess 1:49
Intelligent design S Taylor 3:44
What about Thermodynamics?
Earth – young or old?
Carbon 14 dating - Coal A McIntosh 4:14
Carbon 14 dating S Taylor 3:14
Metamorphosis A McIntosh 4:16


What is Science?

Science is defined by the Science Council UK as "the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence."

From sub-atomic particles to the seemingly limitless expanse of the universe, these science clips present topics from many scientific disciplines including biology, physics, cosmology and advice on how to approach and make sense of theories and scientific evidence.

Having reached certain limitations of discovery by observation and experimentation, today much of science has moved into the realm of philosophy with practitioners holding to theories based more on personal values and attitudes than those of irrefutable fact and testable hypothesis.

Latest Additions to the Science Channel

GV247 is pleased to have a number of new speakers, featuring on this channel:
Professor Stuart Burgess - Efficiency modelling of mechanical systems at University of Bristol - Coming soon..
Dr Nagy Iskander - Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of England - Read more
Professor Andy McIntosh - Research professor in Thermodynamics and Combustion Theory - Read more.
Professor Steve Taylor - Research professor in nanotechnology, electromagnetics and mass spectrometry - Read more
Professor Danny Faulkner - American astronomer and astrophysicist - Read more