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Short Film Topic: Apologetics
What is truth? D Harris 3:00
What is apologetics? P Williams 1:28
Translation of texts P Williams 2:29
Is Jesus Christ valid? P Williams 1:18

Short Film Topic: Archaeology
The four gospels P Lawrence 2:32
Camels P Lawrence 2:54
Nineveh P Lawrence 3:56
Laodicea P Lawrence 2:00
Pergamum P Lawrence 1:50
The conquest of Canaan P Lawrence 4:53
The Dead Sea scrolls P Lawrence 5:12
The Philistines P Lawrence 2:57
The Tabernacle P Lawrence 1:49
Flood accounts P Lawrence 7:19

Short Film Topic: Creation / Evolution
Adaptation B Hodge 4:45
What is science? R Oakland 2:07
Can organs evolve? R Oakland 2:31
Order from disorder? R Oakland 2:10
Why oppose creation? R Oakland 1:27
What about fossils? R Oakland 1:54
Implications of evolution? C Matrisciana 2:13
Vestigial organs T Mitchell 1:23
Origin of world N Iskander 1:41
6 Day creation A McIntosh 12:17
Evolution requires faith A McIntosh 11:36
The age of the earth A McIntosh 14:24
Where do we come from? A McIntosh 2:40
The God of the gaps S Taylor 1:51
Intelligent design S Taylor 3:44
S J Gould's remarks S Taylor 2:52
The Book of Genesis S Taylor 5:06
From Adam or ape? S Taylor 2:17
The eye and the ear D Menten 8:49
The Scopes Trial D Menten 21:23
Lucy D Menten 14:01
Made in God's image G Purdom 2:17
Theistic evolution G Purdom 2:50

Short Film Topic: Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs A McIntosh 4:28
A heap of dinosaurs J Hubbard 9:16
Dinosaur Poop J Hubbard 1:57
Dinosaurs on the ark J Hubbard 6:18
Passion for Dinosaurs J Hubbard 2:14
Rapid death and burial J Hubbard 3:55
Satan as the dragon J Hubbard 2:13
What is a dinosaur? J Hubbard 1:29
Dinosaurs in the media J Hubbard 5:15
Dinosaur overview B Hodge 14:32
Dinosaurs and man B Hodge 5:18
Dinosaurs to birds B Hodge 4:47
Dragon legends B Hodge 4:05

Short Film Topic: Science
Cell complexity N Iskander 2:57
DNA code N Iskander 1:47
What is science? N Iskander 2:20
Theory of relativity D Faulkner 1:15
Advice for the student A McIntosh 2:39
Carbon-14 dating - Coal A McIntosh 4:14
Machines in nature DNA A McIntosh 10:44
Intelligent design 2 A McIntosh 4:36
Metamorphosis A McIntosh 4:16
Where is science headed? A McIntosh 6:26
What is science? S Taylor 1:19
Carbon-14 dating S Taylor 3:14
Bio inspired design S Burgess 1:54
Design S Burgess 1:36
Natural engineering S Burgess 1:49
Natural colour schemes S Burgess 1:29
Muscle of Muller D Menten 3:01
Our senses D Menten 4:57
The spleen D Menten 2:35
When does life begin? D Menten 7:28
Complexity of the cell N Jeanson 12:12

Short Film Topic: Genetics
Gender D Eager 2:53
Helicobacter pylori D Eager 3:07
Life and death D Eager 2:52
Life D Eager 3:50
Photosynthesis D Eager 2:19
Plants D Eager 3:55
RNA D Eager 2:00
Sexual reproduction D Eager 3:07
The immune system D Eager 2:05
What causes disease D Eager 2:00
What about biology? R Oakland 2:02
Are we bananas? G Purdom 1:35
Are we just stardust? G Purdom 1:46
BioLogos teaching G Purdom 1:12
Darwin and genetics G Purdom 1:57
Did DNA start as RNA? G Purdom 1:47
Endosymbiosis theory G Purdom 2:11
Placenta D Menten 9:25
The skeleton D Menten 10:28
Hair D Menten 6:35
Is there any hope? G Purdom 1:13
Overview of a cell G Purdom 2:09
What is eugenics? G Purdom 2:48
What is ATP synthase? G Purdom 1:07
What is DNA? G Purdom 1:37
What is epigenetics? G Purdom 1:50
Similarities to apes D Menton 4:08
What is DNA? 2 N Jeanson 2:20
How does DNA work? N Jeanson 4:38
Origin of species N Jeanson 12:12
Overview of the cell N Jeanson 6:14
What about RNA? N Jeanson 3:03

Short Film Topic: Geology
What is a fossil? J Mackay 4:54
6 Day Creation T Mortenson 4:26
How is coal formed? A Snelling 7:11
The main types of rock A Snelling 3:24
What is geology? A Snelling 1:22
Mount Yimnaska R Oakland 2:16

Short Film Topic: Astronomy
Astronomer and Christian D Faulkner 2:25
Backwards plannets D Faulkner 1:55
End of the world D Faulkner 5:11
ETs and UFOs D Faulkner 2:26
Features of earth D Faulkner 5:49
Quasars and black holes D Faulkner 2:21
Red shift D Faulkner 1:28
Star of Bethlehem D Faulkner 1:47
Times and seasons D Faulkner 3:24
What is big bang theory? D Faulkner 5:25

Short Film Topic: The End Times
Eschatology D Bock 1:55
Angels and Nations D Bock 1:08
Israel in prophecy D Bock 3:31

Short Film Topic: Faith Groups
The New Age Beliefs D Harris 3:11
The Jehovah Witness D Harris 3:20
The Bahai faith D Harris 3:12
The Mormons 1 D Harris 3:13
The Mormons 2 D Harris 1:41
Reincarnation D Harris 3:27
Biblical Christianity unique C Matrisciana 2:55
What is Hinduism? C Matrisciana 2:10
What is Reincarnation? C Matrisciana 3:17
The epic of Gilgamesh S Bhayro 5:31
Zoroastrianism S Bhayro 2:01

Short Film Topic: Angels & UFOs
UFOs & ETs D Bock :53
UFOs and the Bible D Harris 2:55
Life on other planets D Harris 1:16
What are Angels? S Bhayro 2:37

Short Film Topic: Spiritual Deception
What is the occult? 1 D Harris 2:57
What is the occult? 2 D Harris 2:59
What is a cult? D Harris 2:52
Yoga and Christianity D Harris 3:31
Signs and wonders 1 R Oakland 1:54
Signs and wonders 2 R Oakland 1:56
Apparitions at Fatima R Oakland 2:14
Queen of heaven R Oakland 2:24
Who can I trust? R Oakland 2:11
Can a Christian do yoga? C Matrisciana 1:57
Martial Arts C Matrisciana 2:36
The physical aspects of Yoga C Matrisciana 2:15
Alternative Therapies: CM 1 C Matrisciana 3:26
Alternative Therapies: CM 2 C Matrisciana 3:53
What is Yoga? C Matrisciana 3:13
Christian bookstores C Lawson 7:41
Replacement Theology A Fruchtenbaum 6:08
Warning 1 D Menelaws 3:08
False Teachings 2 D Menelaws 6:10
Spiritual deception 4 D Menelaws 3:52
Do not be deceived 5 D Menelaws 3:59
TV Preachers J Alnor 5:59

Short Film Topic: The Bible
Dispensationalism D Bock 1:35
Genesis 6:1-4 D Bock 1:08
Midrash D Bock 2:24
Preterism D Bock :53
The Book of Enoch D Bock 1:44
Who is Satan? D Bock 1:11
Biblical separation C Lawson 9:00
Why did Christ have to die? A Fruchtenbaum 8:01
Bible translations A Fruchtenbaum 7:30
The names of God A Fruchtenbaum 6:54
The Trinity A Fruchtenbaum 11:52
What is prayer? A Fruchtenbaum 6:45
Tithing A Fruchtenbaum 8:14
Traditions: Christmas + Easter A Fruchtenbaum 7:47
God's Plan For The Jews A Fruchtenbaum 6:41
Law and Grace A Fruchtenbaum 7:45
Palestine: Where it came from A Fruchtenbaum 5:28
Acts of the Apostles P Lawrence 2:53
The Torah - Pentateuch P Lawrence 11:43
Apocrypha P Williams 1:45
Demons P Williams 1:24
Early Christian problems P Williams 1:03
Early church writers P Williams 1:38
Exegesis and Eisegesis P Williams 1:04
False teaching P Williams 1:47
Following Gods word P Williams 1:48
Giants P Williams 2:05
Hermeneutics P Williams 2:28
Nephilim P Williams 2:03
Peter - The rock? P Williams 2:09
Prophecy today P Williams 2:38
Prophecy P Williams 4:08
Repentance and Obedience P Williams 1:16
Revelation P Williams 5:55
Satan P Williams 1:10
The Angel of the Lord P Williams 0:52
The Book of Revelation P Williams 1:20
The Church is one body P Williams 1:24
The Gospel of Thomas P Williams 1:56
Jews grafted back in P Williams 1:06
The Lord's coming P Williams 3:58
The Resurrection P Williams 1:30
Was Jesus just a man? P Williams 2:29
What is a Christian? P Williams 1:02
What is the church? P Williams 2:18
Who is God? P Williams 1:39
Who is Jesus Christ? P Williams 2:00
Women in the church P Williams 4:42
The Magi D Faulkner 1:36
Covenants S Bhayro 4:44
Dispensationalism S Bhayro 2:28
How to read the Bible S Bhayro 3:06
Creation accounts S Bhayro 1:31
The Millennium S Bhayro 2:19
The Trinity S Bhayro 3:21
What is the Bible? S Bhayro 7:21
What or who is Satan? S Bhayro 9:58
Who is God? S Bhayro 1:46
Who is Jesus? S Bhayro 2:27

Short Film Topic: Shepherds Corner
Propriety C Lawson 15:09
Biblical worldviews C Lawson 9:52

Short Film Topic: Testimonies

Short Film Topic: The Daniel Project
CGI model J Hitchen 2:52

Short Film Topic: Parables

Coming Soon

Short Film Topic: Crown of Life
Crown of Life 1 J Jarvie 30:00
Crown of Life 2 M Jarvie 30:00
Crown of Life 3 J Kane 30:00
Crown of Life 4 S Gawthorne 30:00
Crown of Life 5 S Shona Petrie 30:00
Crown of Life 6 D Petrie 30:00
Crown of Life 7 D Ferry 30:00
Crown of Life 8 M Clunie 30:00
Crown of Life 9 D Gawthorne 30:00
Crown of Life 10 H Steward 30:00
Crown of Life 11 M Fitton 30:00
Crown of Life 12 P McLeman Pt1 30:00
Crown of Life 13 P McLeman Pt2 30:00
Crown of Life 14 D Menelaws Pt1 30:00
Crown of Life 15 D Menelaws Pt2 30:00

Short Film Topic: The Jewish Feasts

7 Festivals: Overview A Fruchtenbaum 5:03
Passover A Fruchtenbaum 9:54
Unleavened Bread A Fruchtenbaum 2:27
Feast of First Fruits A Fruchtenbaum 2:49
Feast of Weeks A Fruchtenbaum 5:39
Feast of Trumpets A Fruchtenbaum 3:08
Day of Atonement A Fruchtenbaum 5:27
Feast of Tabernacles A Fruchtenbaum 1:56
Feast of Purim A Fruchtenbaum 5:36
Hanukkah A Fruchtenbaum 2:38

Short Film Topic: Ethics
Doctors and abortion T Mitchell 2:17
Euthanasia T Mitchell 3:13
Gender identity T Mitchell 3:32
Hope for young people T Mitchell 3:02
Is there a good death? T Mitchell 1:02
Stem cells and cloning? T Mitchell 3:16
What about suicide? T Mitchell 2:00
Why do men have nipples? T Mitchell 1:24
When does life begin? G Purdom 1:43
Ethical abortions D Menton 5:26
Homosexuality D Menton 6:03

The Lamplight Project


Lamplight Fellowship Study


Discipleship Checklist
3.Seek first His Kingdom S Menelaws 14:00
5.Water Baptism S Menelaws 14:00
6.Who is Jesus Christ? S Menelaws 14:00
9.Prayer & Bible study S Menelaws 14:00
12.Warnings in the Bible S Menelaws 14:00



The Jesus Film

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