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Short Film Topic: Apologetics
Why believe what you believe? D Harris 1:59
What is truth? D Harris 3:00
What is apologetics? P Williams 1:28
Is Christianity true or false? D Harris 2:39
Claims of Jesus - True or False? J Prasch 2:01
Maths validate Biblical manuscripts J Prasch 2:42
Biblical interpretation J Prasch 4:59
Veracity of the New Testament P Lawrence 6:32
Text used for Bible translation? P Lawrence 6:39
Translation of texts P Williams 2:29
Who chose gospels and letters? P Williams 3:29
Can we trust the NT letters? P Williams 2:16
Are there contradictions in the Bible? P Williams 2:32
Christ – What does it mean? P Williams 1:01
Is Jesus Christ valid? P Williams 1:18
Did Eusebius forge documents? P Williams 2:03
Pliny the Elder – Fraud? P Williams 0.53
Is John’s gospel valid? P Williams 4:06
Is prophecy self fulfilling? P Williams 2:59
Evidence for the resurrection P Williams 3:30
The first church council J Prasch 8:09
Church fathers overview 1 J Prasch 19:36
Church fathers overview 2 J Prasch 12:15
Church fathers overview 3 J Prasch 12:19
Evidence for the Torah S Bhayro 5:48
Genesis v Gilgamesh accounts S Bhayro 5:31
Answers in Genesis S Ham 2:26

Short Film Topic: Archaeology
Evidence for ancient Israel P Lawrence 5:26
A brief history of Biblical empires P Lawrence 5:24
Rulers in the New Testament P Lawrence 4:56
The four gospels P Lawrence 2:32
Camels P Lawrence 2:54
Evidence for Solomon’s temple P Lawrence 5:28
Evidence for Abraham, Jacob, etc. P Lawrence 4:51
Nineveh P Lawrence 3:56
Laodicea P Lawrence 2:00
Pergamum P Lawrence 1:50
The conquest of Cannan P Lawrence 4:53
The Dead Sea scrolls P Lawrence 5:12
The Mesha Stele Moabite Stone P Lawrence 1:42
The Philistines P Lawrence 2:57
The Tabernacle P Lawrence 1:49
Text used for Bible translation? P Lawrence 6:39
Biblical authenticity & historicity S Bhayro 4:20
Deciphering ancient texts S Bhayro 3:19
The School of Alexandria S Bhayro 1:35
Flood accounts P Lawrence 7:19

Short Film Topic: Creation / Evolution
What is science? R Oakland 2:07
What is the theory of evolution? R Oakland 2:40
Can organs evolve? R Oakland 2:31
Design requires a designer? R Oakland 1:47
What about Mount Yimnaska? R Oakland 2:16
Order from disorder? R Oakland 2:10
Where did Earth come from? R Oakland 2:40
Why oppose creation? R Oakland 1:27
What about biology? R Oakland 2:02
What about fossils? R Oakland 1:54
The view of Charles Darwin R Oakland 2:34
What about missing links? R Oakland 2:41
What about reproduction? R Oakland 2:25
What about layers and strata? R Oakland 2:16
Implications of evolution? C Matrisciana 2:13
The uniformitarian view R Oakland 2:38
Roger Oakland: Testimony R Oakland 2:37
Is belief in ID belief in God? N Iskander 1:49
Any evidence for a selfish gene? N Iskander 1:39
Man evolved from another creature? N Iskander 1:38
Origin of world N Iskander 1:41
Creation in the classroom N Iskander 1:30
About illness, disease and God 2:05
6 Day creation A McIntosh 12:17
Non-Christians doubting evolution A McIntosh 2:56
Creation banned from the classroom? A McIntosh 7:05
Dinosaurs A McIntosh 4:28
Can you define irreducible complexity? A McIntosh 6:02
Does creation close science? A McIntosh 5:40
Evolution requires faith A McIntosh 11:36
Dawkins’ remarks towards creationists A McIntosh 5:23
How does beauty arise in nature? A McIntosh 5:03
Evolution, thermodynamics compatible? A McIntosh 6:38
Is the eye a case of bad design? A McIntosh 7:00
The age of the earth A McIntosh 14:24
Where do we come from? A McIntosh 2:40
The God of the gaps S Taylor 1:51
Soft tissue in fossils S Taylor 3:15
Is evolution a science stopper? S Taylor 1:56
Intelligent design S Taylor 3:44
Are we here by chance or design? S Taylor 2:59
S J Gould's remarks S Taylor 2:52
About Dawkins' remarks S Taylor 2:43
The Book of Genesis S Taylor 5:06
Can Genesis be taken literally? 1 A McIntosh 2:03
Can Genesis be taken literally? 2 S Taylor 2:59
From Adam or ape? S Taylor 2:17
Any new designs by natural selection? S Taylor 1:40
Examples of intelligent design S Taylor 1:33
Did the engineer do a poor job? S Taylor 2:20
Free thinking groups S Ham 2:26
Evolution compatible with Christianity? S Ham 1:56
Why are people against creation? S Ham 1:57

Short Film Topic: Science
Are science and faith harmonious? N Iskander 1:59
Cell complexity N Iskander 2:57
DNA code N Iskander 1:47
What is science? N Iskander 2:20
What is science and theory? D Faulkner 3:04
Theory of relativity D Faulkner 1:15
Advice for the student A McIntosh 2:39
Are mistakes ever made in science? A McIntosh 6:08
Are science and faith harmonious? A McIntosh 4:00
Biology engineering viewpoint A McIntosh 7:48
Carbon-14 dating - Coal A McIntosh 4:14
Entropy in the early universe A McIntosh 3:13
Scientific evidence for young earth? A McIntosh 4:43
Machines in nature DNA A McIntosh 10:44
Intelligent design 2 A McIntosh 4:36
Metamorphosis A McIntosh 4:16
The Big Bang and Theromdynamics A McIntosh 12:35
The laws of thermodynamics A McIntosh 2:49
Where is science headed? A McIntosh 6:26
What is science? S Taylor 1:19
Science – Used for both good and evil S Taylor 2:03
Extra terrestrial life S Taylor 2:55
Carbon-14 dating S Taylor 3:14
Are science and faith compatible? S Taylor 3:24
An engineers view on ID S Taylor 2:49

Short Film Topic: Astronomy
Astronomer and Christian D Faulkner 2:25
Backwards plannets D Faulkner 1:55
Complexity of the earth and universe D Faulkner 2:34
Conditions at the big bang D Faulkner 2:23
End of the world D Faulkner 5:11
ETs and UFOs D Faulkner 2:26
Evidence for a young earth D Faulkner 7:01
Features of earth D Faulkner 5:49
Lunar eclipses – The return of Christ D Faulkner 1:45
Quasars and black holes D Faulkner 2:21
Red shift D Faulkner 1:28
The cosmological principle D Faulkner 1:28
Star of Bethlehem D Faulkner 1:47
Times and seasons D Faulkner 3:24
What is big bang theory? D Faulkner 5:25

Short Film Topic: The End Times
Eschatology - the end times J Prasch 2:31
What is the rapture? J Prasch 4:11
What is the millennium? J Prasch 4:54
What is the antichrist? J Prasch 4:33
What is Armageddon? J Prasch 1:27
What is Biblical prophecy? J Prasch 3:14
Prophecy and Prediction J Prasch 3:14
Israel in prophecy 1 J Prasch 3:22
Israel in prophecy 2 J Prasch 3:13
War in the Middle East J Prasch 3:52
Is the media biased? J Prasch 4:48
The Messiah in prophecy J Prasch 5:12
Global control J Prasch 4:20
The abomination of desolation J Prasch 3:20
Modern Israel predicted J Prasch 5:11
666 The number of The Beast J Prasch 5:06
Rebuilding the temple J Prasch 4:47
Armageddon J Prasch 4:08
Searching for the truth J Prasch 6:15
Examples of fulfilled prophecy J Prasch 2:31
Blood sacrifice in the millennium J Prasch 3:14
Are the prophecies self-fulfilled? J Prasch 2:00
Haven't there always been disasters? J Prasch 7:09
Are we in the last days J Prasch 1:14
Do Christians want Armageddon? J Prasch 2:30
Cain / Abel Olivet Discourse 1 J Prasch 13:57
Cain / Abel Olivet Discourse 2 J Prasch 5:46
Bible Prophecy no longer taught? J Prasch 4:04
Prophecies still to be fulfilled? J Prasch 4:03
Pre, A or Post millennialism? J Prasch 4:54
Is there any escape? J Prasch 4:23
Rapture J Prasch 44:05
Tribulation viewpoints J Prasch 6:03

Short Film Topic: Faith Groups
The New Age Beliefs D Harris 3:11
The New Age: The outcome D Harris 3:22
The New Age in the church D Harris 3:12
The New Age: An introduction D Harris 2:58
The Christian Science faith D Harris 3:09
The Jehovah Witness D Harris 3:20
Roman Catholic tradition 1 D Harris 2:59
Roman Catholic tradition 2 D Harris 3:05
The Bahai faith D Harris 3:12
The Christadelphian faith D Harris 3:20
The Mormons 1 D Harris 1:41
The Mormons 2 D Harris 1:41
Alternative therapies: DH 1 D Harris 2:20
Alternative therapies: DH 2 D Harris 2:15
Reincarnation D Harris 3:27
Do all roads lead to God? R Oakland 2:19
Many ways to to God? J Prasch 7:34
Biblical Christianity unique C Matrisciana 2:55
Hinduism & Evolution connected C Matrisciana 1:51
Reincarnation or Resurrection C Matrisciana 3:29
What is Hinduism? C Matrisciana 2:10
What is Reincarnation? C Matrisciana 3:17
The epic of Gilgamesh S Bhayro 5:31
Zoroastrianism S Bhayro 2:01

Short Film Topic: Angels & UFOs
UFOs & ETs: What the Bible says J Prasch 13:20
UFOs and the Bible D Harris 2:55
Life on other planets D Harris 1:16
What are Angels? S Bhayro 2:37
What are Nephilim, Demons? S Bhayro 5:46

Short Film Topic: Spiritual Deception
What is the occult? 1 D Harris 2:57
What is the occult? 2 D Harris 2:59
What is a cult? D Harris 2:52
Yoga and Christianity D Harris 3:31
What is a Christian cult? D Harris 1:46
How can I know true Christianity? D Harris 3:01
How can I help a cult member? D Harris 3:10
Falling away from Biblical truth D Harris 2:35
Do people know they are in a cult? D Harris 2:35
Contemplative prayer or babble? D Harris 3:03
Christian groups and deception 1 D Harris 2:04
Christian groups and deception 2 D Harris 2:10
Deception: Another gospel R Oakland 2:13
What is spiritual apostasy? R Oakland 2:07
Signs and wonders 1 R Oakland 1:54
Signs and wonders 2 R Oakland 1:56
God allows us to be deceived R Oakland 2:19
Apparitions at Fatima R Oakland 2:14
Queen of heaven R Oakland 2:24
Who can I trust? R Oakland 2:11
Who are you to judge others? R Oakland 2:09
How to recognise deception R Oakland 1:59
How mankind is being deceived R Oakland 2:24
What's wrong with wanting peace? R Oakland 2:30
A world religion and peace R Oakland 2:21
Can a Christian do yoga? C Matrisciana 1:57
Christians turning to Mysticism1 C Matrisciana 1:40
Christians turning to Mysticism2 C Matrisciana 2:01
Is Halloween a Biblical holiday? C Matrisciana 7:01
Martial Arts C Matrisciana 2:36
The physical aspects of Yoga C Matrisciana 2:15
Alternative Therapies: CM 1 C Matrisciana 3:26
Alternative Therapies: CM 2 C Matrisciana 3:53
What is Yoga? C Matrisciana 3:13
Why isn't the gospel preached today? J Prasch 4:17
Why did Christianity mutate? J Prasch 6:08
Cults J Prasch 12:19
Replacement Theology A Fruchtenbaum 6:08
Who or what is Satan? J Prasch 1:21
Warning 1 D Menelaws 3:08
False Teachings 2 D Menelaws 6:10
Altered state of concsiousness 3 D Menelaws 1:37
Spiritual deception 4 D Menelaws 3:52
Do not be deceived 5 D Menelaws 3:59
Warnings to the Church - All 5 D Menelaws 17:26

Short Film Topic: The Bible
Biblical separation C Lawson 9:00
The early Christian church D Harris 1:40
What is the biblical gospel? J Prasch 5:59
Why did Christ have to die? A Fruchtenbaum 8:01
The Bible - literal or allegorical? J Prasch 1:41
Bible translations A Fruchtenbaum 7:30
The names of God A Fruchtenbaum 6:54
The Trinity A Fruchtenbaum 11:52
What is prayer? A Fruchtenbaum 6:45
Tithing A Fruchtenbaum 8:14
Traditions: Christmas + Easter A Fruchtenbaum 7:47
God's Plan For The Jews A Fruchtenbaum 6:41
Law and Grace A Fruchtenbaum 7:45
Palestine: Where it came from A Fruchtenbaum 5:28
Accusations against Book of Daniel P Lawrence 1:58
Acts of the Apostles P Lawrence 2:53
The Torah - Pentateuch P Lawrence 11:43
Angels, cherubim and seraphim P Williams 1:48
Apocrypha P Williams 1:45
Baptism of the Holy Spirit P Williams 1:28
Demons P Williams 1:24
Early Christian problems P Williams 1:03
Early church writers P Williams 1:38
Exegesis and Eisegesis P Williams 1:04
False teaching P Williams 1:47
Following Gods word P Williams 1:48
Giants P Williams 2:05
Hebrew roots - Latin and Greek P Williams 1:57
Hermeneutics P Williams 2:28
How do we read the Bible? P Williams 3:23
Jubilees and Jasher – The Books P Williams 1:23
Matthew – The tax collector P Williams 1:01
Matthew – Written to the Jews P Williams 1:20
Matthew 24 – The temple P Williams 3:15
Nephilim P Williams 2:03
Peter - The rock? P Williams 2:09
Prophecy today P Williams 2:38
Prophecy P Williams 4:08
Repentance and Obedience P Williams 1:16
Revelation P Williams 5:55
Revelation – The seven Churches P Williams 1:27
Satan P Williams 1:10
The Angel of the Lord P Williams 0:52
The Book of Revelation P Williams 1:20
The Church is one body P Williams 1:24
The Gospel of Thomas P Williams 1:56
The Gospel and Acts of the Apostles P Williams 10:50
Jews grafted back in P Williams 1:06
The letters Philemon - Jude P Williams 11:01
The letters Romans - Titus P Williams 11:51
The Lords coming P Williams 3:58
The Resurrection P Williams 1:30
The Resurrection - Matthew P Williams 2:31
Was Jesus just a man? P Williams 2:29
What is a Christian? P Williams 1:02
What is the church? P Williams 2:18
Who is God? P Williams 1:39
Who is Jesus Christ? P Williams 2:00
Women in the church P Williams 4:42
The Magi D Faulkner 1:36
Can we trust Genesis? S Ham 1:36
Created in God's image S Ham 2:24
Not taking Genesis literally could affect faith S Ham 1:53
Is the book of Genesis important? S Ham 1:19
Marriage and same sex relations S Ham 3:27
Angels and demons J Prasch 16:38
Becoming a Christian J Prasch 2:41
Cherubim and seraphim J Prasch 15:22
Customs and traditions J Prasch 6:41
Dispensationalism J Prasch 23:47
Hebrew root J Prasch 7:31
Higher criticism J Prasch 4:40
Prayer and intercession J Prasch 26:36
Preterism J Prasch 4:32
The word of God J Prasch 8:07
Theology J Prasch 18:34
What is a Christian? J Prasch 6:12
What is a disciple? J Prasch 18:21
What is a prophet? J Prasch 16:29
Why did Jesus have to die? J Prasch 16:29
Covenants S Bhayro 4:44
Dispensationalism S Bhayro 2:28
Doctrinal error - misogyny S Bhayro 4:50
How to read the Bible S Bhayro 3:06
Genesis literal – The Flood? S Bhayro 3:02
Creation accounts S Bhayro 1:31
God’s revelation complete – New traditions S Bhayro 4:18
Job – The oldest book S Bhayro 3:47
Overview: Old Testament History S Bhayro 9:59
The Millennium S Bhayro 2:19
The Trinity S Bhayro 3:21
What is a Biblical Prophet? S Bhayro 8:11
What is the Bible? S Bhayro 7:21
What is the Gospel message? S Bhayro 1:23
What is the purpose of Bible? S Bhayro 2:47
What or who is Lucifer? S Bhayro 2:16
What or who is Satan? S Bhayro 9:58
Who is God? S Bhayro 1:46
Who is Jesus? S Bhayro 2:27
Why did Jesus have to die? S Bhayro 4:36

Short Film Topic: Shepherds Corner
Are there Christian rules? David Nathan 7:17
Christian leadership - What should it be? D Nathan 4:58
God is holy - What does this mean? D Nathan 4:07
Hebrew Roots movement D Nathan 13:37
Is Hell real and what is it? D Nathan 6:43
The Great White Throne Judgement D Nathan 4:37
What are principles of Christian living? D Nathan 2:06
Disputes between brethren? D Nathan 1:52
What is a follower of Jesus? D Nathan 3:23
What is an approved workman? D Nathan 3:54
What is Christian marriage? D Nathan 3:31
What is Christian love? D Nathan 3:08
What is judging? D Nathan 4:11
What is sin and sin nature? D Nathan 11:24
What is The Church? 2 D Nathan 21:24
Importance of Christian fellowship? D Nathan 2:26
When is a church too big? D Nathan 7:53

Short Film Topic: Testimonies
Doug Harris 1:13
Roger Oakland 2:37
Jacob Prasch: Search for truth 6:15
Steve Ham 1:24
D Nathan 2:14

Short Film Topic: The Daniel Project
TDP Trailer 3:50
Biblical Christianity J Prasch 4:18
Bible v Nostradamus J Prasch 3:50
Prophecies on The Daniel Project film J Prasch 1:50
Who is Daniel? J Prasch 5:19
Mt of Olives J Prasch 4:01
Jeremy & Jacob Meeting 1 13:45
Jeremy & Jacob Meeting 2 12:33
The Escape J Prasch 2:03
CGI model J Hitchen 2:52
Director S Menelaws 11:00
Producer D Forrest 7:28

Short Film Topic: Parables
The Wheat and Tares J Prasch 20:20
Ten Virgins 1 J Prasch 21:26
Ten Virgins 2 J Prasch 18:36
The Talents J Prasch 17:35
The Mustard Seed J Prasch 16:39
Hidden Treasure J Prasch 7:34
The Drag Net J Prasch11:40

Short Film Topic: What is Midrash?
What is Midrash? 1 J Prasch 11:21
What is Midrash? 2 J Prasch 16:04
What is Midrash? 3 J Prasch 15:46

Short Film Topic: The Jewish Feasts

7 Festivals: Overview A Fruchtenbaum 5:03
Passover A Fruchtenbaum 9:54
Unleavened Bread A Fruchtenbaum 2:27
Feast of First Fruits A Fruchtenbaum 2:49
Feast of Weeks A Fruchtenbaum 5:39
Feast of Trumpets A Fruchtenbaum 3:08
Day of Atonement A Fruchtenbaum 5:27
Feast of Tabernacles A Fruchtenbaum 1:56
Feast of Purim A Fruchtenbaum 5:36
Hanukkah A Fruchtenbaum 2:38

The Lamplight Project
The Lamplight Project trailer 2:36
Section 1: Introduction 9:29
Section 6: Jesus Christ – The Gospel 26:52
Final Encouragement 3:35



The Daniel CONNECTION Trailer 2:18

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