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What is GV247.TV?
Celestial beings
What are Angels? S Bhayro 2:37
The Angel of the Lord P Williams 0:52
Giants P Williams 2:05
Demons P Williams 1:24
Nephilim P Williams 2:03
What or who is Satan? S Bhayro 9:58
Satan P Williams 1:10
Extra-terrestrial beings
UFOs & ETs D Bock :53
ETs and UFOs D Faulkner 2:26
UFOs and the Bible? D Harris 2:55


What are Nephilim, Aliens and UFOs?

What are Nephilim? What are angels? What are demons?What are UFOs? Might there be aliens (ETs) from other worlds and does the Bible have anything to say about it? Are there beings from other dimensions and have they crossed over into our plane of existence? Are there really angels and demons or other purely spiritual / energy beings with no physical body? These are some of the questions answered by the experts.

Throughout history, accounts of Earth being host to countless visitations by other-world beings and objects have been recorded. Many witnesses are intelligent, reliable people including doctors, scientists, pilots and detectives. So, what exactly are these people seeing and experiencing.

Latest Additions to the Aliens and UFOs Channel

Professor Siam Bhayro (Assoc. Prof in Early Jewish Studies at Univ of Exeter) joins this channel with the titles, "What are Angels?" and "What are Nephilim & Demons?".