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TV Programmes on is pleased to make its TV programmes available to our viewers. More programmes are scheduled to be recorded and this playlist will be updated as soon as they become available. is a FREE world wide web based TV and podcast platform set up to broadcast 24/7. These interviews feature top international ministers, scientists, engineers, professors, doctors and other experts talking on compelling, controversial and challenging issues which matter to people today.

Latest Additions to the TV Channel

The Weekend Show Ep18: Be Not Deceived Pt 1 (First shown 22nd Sept2017)
The Weekend Show Ep17: Analysis of Deception Pt 2 (First shown 15th Sept2017)
The Weekend Show Ep16: Analysis of Deception Pt 1 (First shown 8th Sept2017)
The Weekend Show Ep15: The Daniel Connection Pt 4 (First shown 1st Sept2017)
The Weekend Show Ep14: The Daniel Connection Pt 3 (First shown 25th Aug2017)
The Weekend Show Ep13: The Daniel Connection Pt 2 (First shown 18th Aug2017)
The Weekend Show Ep12: The Daniel Connection Pt 1 (First shown 11th Aug2017)