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Welcome to GV247.TV, the Global Vision Channel, a non-profit web TV channel bringing biblical perspective to the world in which you live.

A powerful free resource with hundreds of short films on a wide range of Bible topics from experts around the world plus full-length sermons and programs for teaching and encouragement. Choose from current affairs, signs of the times, a chance to voice your own opinion and special offers on our full-length feature films, documentaries and study materials.

At over four hours in length the Lamplight Project is a systematic 12 part Bible study series, a powerful teaching tool that begins with the origins of life and takes the viewer on a comprehensive journey - packed with high profile interviews, film, graphics and illustrations, concluding with the return of Christ and an encouragement to stand firm and be faithful. Complete with a free study guide download for both personal and group study, this powerful interactive guide connects to over a thousand programs with expert interviews on GV247.TV - our free service web TV channel.

Does My Life Have Meaning? A powerful one-hour presentation produced from the Lamplight Project. With a free copy of the Gospel of Luke, this film is crammed with engaging interviews, film and graphics. A life challenging film to those searching for answers.

As distributors for the Jesus film, we offer this timeless movie based on Luke's Gospel. This clear presentation of the life of Jesus Christ has been viewed worldwide and translated into over 1200 languages. We provide the film with a free copy of The Gospel of Luke.

The Daniel Project is a popular TV documentary that presents an overview of Bible prophecy and an encouragement to read the signs of the times. Hailed as one of the best TV films to be made on the subject. DVD extras feature a heart-to-heart interview about the way of rescue.

Based loosely on the documentary, The Daniel Connection is a full-length feature film. This fictional thriller incorporates many of the themes promoted through pop culture and social media which affect people on a global scale. Launched at the Cannes Film Festival, The Daniel Connection points the ever sceptical viewer to search the Bible for answers and to life's deepest questions.

We've been serving the body of Christ for over 30 years and, if you would like further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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